Sunday, December 18, 2011

End of week 23...

As some of you may know I have now started my pre contest diet for 2012. I know what you might be thinking.... What the heck! Why are you starting your diet when your 5 months from your show? Well friends I have to be ahead of the curve and The Boss said it's time lol. It's ok though because I was ready. Mentally anyway....

I started Monday (12/12) because Saturday night we had a Christmas party and I knew that wasn't the day I should go cold Turkey lol. So Monday kicked it off and really the week went great. There were a few times that I struggled during the week however I managed to push though and stay on track. I'll post this week how fight those nasty food craving and kind of things I crave (yes pizza is on the list but yall knew that!)

Here is a sample of my diet for those of you interested.

4:30am Whey Protein Shake
5am Training
7:30am Egg Whites & oatmeal
10:30am Whey Protein Shake
1:30am Grilled Chx, Mixed Green Salad and Red Potato
4:30pm Chx and Mixed Green Salad
7:30pm Tuna with Green Veggies

My supplements include multivitamin and vitamin c two times daily.

My training has stayed pretty much the same except that I've added cardio and really upped the intensity of my workouts. This was quite a challenge this week. The lack of carbs starting affecting Wednesday so I added a few extra to one of my meals. Friday morning I had no energy and no motivation to workout, and so that session lasted about 45mins.

Saturday we took the day off because we had some shopping to do, and so today we hit it again. We ended up working out around 2:30 and I had plenty of energy to get through a new crazy workout I tried out. I'll post it tomorrow and explain it all to you. INTENSE!!!!

Ne who I hope you all are starting to atleast think about your 2012 goals and getting plans in place to execute those goals. I'm back in business and I'm here to motivate in any way that I can. Really, you guys motivate me which is what I need the most right now.

I'll be blogging alot more now that I MUST stay on track!!!! If you all get a chance post your 2012 goals in the comment box below. Whatever the goals maybe ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you all. See ya tomorrow!!!

Here's to Finding your Northstar......

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

23 Weeks till GO TIME!

The one in the white suit is when I first started Jan 2011 the one in the black is now Dec 2011. My O my look at the muscle. I have A LOT more work to do and with a contest prep just around the corner I hope Ill be pleased with the final result. 23 weeks and counting......