Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i know, i know...

OMG i truly can't believe it's been over a MONTH since I last posted.... VERY BAD BLOGGER!

To be honest with you all, not to much has been going on in the land of The Britton's.

I mean we did go on a spectacular one year anniversary vacation in the Southern Caribbean..

Where I received one hell of a sunburn because I thought I was tan enough to stand the heat of the equator..

Went snorkeling in Aruba after a few of these... Probably not the safest idea we had but definitely the funnest!

Wore a super sexy dress to formal night compliments of my Grandmother ;-)

Drank far to much....

Ate like pig and complained when someone jumped in front me at the buffet line....

and where my love bug and I shared many loving glances and reminded ourselves of how lucky we are ;-)

Hands down the BEST vacation we have ever been on. There are so many little details I would love to share with guys but man would we be here all day.... Those were some of the highlights and who knows maybe I'll get a wild hair and do a proper post on all of our vacation adventures!

In other news, we really have just been hanging out with friends, doing a little tailgating and hiking and enjoying this nice fall weather.


We have also continued with our training for 2012 and are now back on diets. Well I'm on a diet ;-( I gained 15lbs in 3 weeks and let me tell you I'm paying for it now! I've been carb cycling, doing tons of cardio and keeping bad food to a minimum till my weight comes down. It's hard work but a good reminder of what can happen when you lose focus, fall off the ban wagon and get just plain lazy.....

I'm going to make a promise to everyone (especially my biggest fan, my husband ;-)) that I will NEVER go more than a week without blogging. For one it helps me stay motivated and accountable! I have truly missed you all and I hope you have missed me!

Here's to finding your NorthStar.....