Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Motivational Monday

Yup, that's me... I had to come really far to get to where I am at. Dont ever doubt yourself. If your ready for a change youll find a way to make it happen. Take it day by day and you will be successful. Like they say in the South, "CAIN'T NEVER COULD" 
July 2009
May 2011

This girl can.....

Here's to finding your NorthStar...

Show Recap

First of all I just want to start by saying this past weekend was one of the most of amazing times of my life. I'm still on a high from it. Joshua and I are so proud of ourselves and so glad that we went through this experience together. It's only the beginning for us....

There is so much to share with you all that I'll just start with Friday and kind of hit the highlight's. So, on Friday morning we woke up, showered and then headed off to get our spray tans done by our friend Ashley Lowe. She did an amazing job. It didnt take very long at all and we laughed and giggled the whole time. Although the weather was terrible that morning. It rained and rained and rained some more. Which kind of concerned us because we COULD NOT get our tans wet, however by the time we got out of Ashley's office the rain had subsided enough for us to jump in the car and get back home. 

Once we were home we started making all of our food for the day and Saturday. Let's just say it wasn't much, lol. Mostly fish, turkey, potato's, homemade almond butter and rice cakes. We were starving every hour after we ate but had to hold out till the next meal which was so hard. So after all the packing and preparing was done we left for Columbia, SC around 12:30. The whole way down Joshua and I talked about how excited we were, what we thought the experience of being on stage was going to be like and where we came from to this point. All the hard work and dedication we had put into this journey had been totally worth it no matter how we did on stage. That was our motto for the whole trip.

When we arrived at the Sheraton we were immediately greeted by a bell hop and valet to take our car, which was so nice! The inside of the hotel was so beautiful. It was a very old building with loads of charm but had a very modern feel inside. I loved all the furniture! LOL. Our was room was just as nice as the rest of the hotel to. Which made me VERY happy. The view from our king size bed was great to! Once we were all settled in we took a short cat nap and then headed over to host hotel to register.

At registration there really weren't a lot of contestants there just yet. Just a few. The eager ones I would say. Registration went really quick so went to Walmart to pick up some last minute items. This was a funny experience because I needed some double sided tape so my suit would stay in place on the bottom. Well, we really couldn't find any and had to ask a Walmart employee in the DIY section. He showed me all kinds of tape and Joshua just kept telling him no that wont work for what we needed it for. Finally I just told him,"Listen I need it so my suit won't go up my butt when I'm on stage"... He started dying laughing and was like "TMI, Wow the things people use everyday items for, I learn something new everyday working here, lol". We then told him about using the preparation H on our stomachs and thighs to make everything a bit tighter and he got a kick out of that one, lol. 

That night we practiced our posing, had some rice cakes and then went to bed fairly early. Joshua had a really hard time sleeping but I was out like a light. He said he was little pissed at me for falling asleep so fast and snoozing all night because he had a million things on his mind. My little worrier ;-)

The next morning he was up at 5am (maybe even earlier) and then I was up a few mins later. We rinsed off and started getting ready. I was having serious problems with my hair and make up though. The weather was humid from all the rain so my hair was not cooperating and my makeup was not looking the way I wanted it to. Next show someone else will be doing it for sure! OH and if you've never worn fake eyelashes before, I suggest you practice!! Let's just say they ended up in the garbage before we made it out the door....

We checked in at pre-judging and then waited and waited and waited a little more, lol. However while we waited we met a lot of other competitors who were really nice. They gave us some tips and told us mostly to just relax and have a great time! After all the waiting and the meetings were over it was time for the pre-judging to begin. This is probably the most important part of the contest for competitors. This is where the judges really make their final decision so you really have to give it your all! I went on stage before Joshua and then of course I was the first one in my class to go up first which made me soooooo nervous! I really didn't get to see class A figure girls do their posing so I really didn't know what to expect. The expediter was great and he told me exactly what to do and where to stand so that helped. Once I walked out on stage it was all she wrote.... The movie star in me just popped out and well, you can see for yourself.
So once I was on stage and found Joshua in the crowd (you really cant see past the first few rows its so bright on stage and dark in the audience), something inside me just clicked and I just turned it on. I could hear Matt, our trainer, yelling at me to "tighten those abs, squeeze those hams, show those glutes!!!" and so on. Let me say this was a TREMENDOUS help. It calmed me down and let me foucus and what I should be doing. At the first call out I was not in it and thought "oh well I tried"..Then they called me out, and called me out again and again. OMG what does that mean? 

Once I walked off stage I found Matt and Z. They hugged me told me how great I did and that I was definitely in the Top 5. I was like what? really? how do you know? Matt told me that the last call out was your top five girls so get ready for a trophy!!! I didn't know what to think. I mean this is my first show and those girls have some banging bodies up there. I just felt like I needed a lot more work to compete with them.... 

Then it was my Joshua's turn. I was so nervous for him but I knew he was going to do great! And he did!!!! He looked amazing up there! 

There we so many guys in his class and that really shocked all of us. Not to mention some of them were huge and shredded. Joshua entered the novice class which is supposed to be for 1st time bodybuilders. Guys that have never stepped on a stage, however, that just didn't seem to be this case. Matt said that sometimes it can happen but not to let that get to him or take away from how incredible he looked! When Joshua came off stage he was beaming with pride and was very proud of himself for meeting his goal. He never sises to amaze me.....

After pre-judging we went out for burgers! Five guys was ready and waiting for us, lol. Joshua and I both had burgers with no buns and shared some fries and a coke. We then went back to the room to wait for the night show.

The night show was just as fun and was bit more glammed up. The stage was decorated and it all looked really nice. This time Joshua went first and did his routine. Again, another great performance from him. He rocked his routine and got lots of claps! The top 3 guys in his class received trophies, so as of right now we're not sure where he fell in the placing. We should know by today though ;-)

Joshua's Pre-Judging Routine

Then it was my turn. I was so relaxed at this point and not nervous at all. Just ready. I was first again in my class and did my thang, then the rest of the girls did theirs. After we were all done it was time for the trophies. To my surprise they called my name...OMG my jaw hit the floor!!! I walked out so happy and the trophy girl placed it in front of my feet... WOW.... 5th place out of  8. All I wanted to do was look like I belong and well I guess I did a little more than that ;-)

After the show we all went out for pizza and beer! Joshua and I were so high from the experience all we could do was talk about how much fun we had and that we couldn't wait till next year!!!

This was the most challenging goal I have ever tried to tackle. If someone would have told me that last April that I would be losing 60 pounds and competing in a figure competition I would have laughed. But I can now say that yes, I am a figure competitor. 

Some of you are wondering what now? What does Top 5 even mean? I asked the same questions and found this out:

Since it was a National Qualifying show, I have one year to compete in a National Show. There are two shows I can compete in next spring so till then that's what I'll be working towards. I need to put on more muscle in my upper body and work on my midsection. Next year I'll come in much leaner also. This week Matt will give me some feed back as well as the judges. Can't wait to hear what they have to say! I'll also meet with an IFBB Pro to work on my posing and overall presentation. 

Joshua also knows what he wants to improve on for next year as well. We both have been bitten by the bodybuilding bug and LOVE IT! 

Thank you to everyone who supported us the last 22 weeks. We truly couldn't have gotten this far with out our trainer Matt Helton and he wonderful wife Z. They were a blessing to us. And a big thank you as well to our family for encouraging us to keep going and not give up! As well as our friends for supporting us and still being there at the end ;-). We both love you all!!!! 
Thank you to Taylor, Valerie (Joshua's Mom) and Granny Nelda (Joshua's Granny) for coming with us and supporting us this weekend. Also to Doug and Julie Wertz for coming to our show and supporting as well!
We love you guys so much!

Britney and Joshua XOXO

Here's to finding your NorthStar......

Monday, May 30, 2011

No rest for the determined..

Well it's 5 AM and Joshua and I are off for some cardio. I know, I know... Your probably thinking "Really? The contest is over, why do you need to go back to the gym at 5 AM on Memorial Day? Shouldn't you be taking some time off??" Well folks, when you eat, sleep and breath this lifestyle you don't just take a break. We had a day and half of eating whatever and we haven't seen the gym since Thursday so mentally it's killing us! No weights this morning, just some cardio ;-) I want to maintain this physique for as long as possible with out blowing up like a blowfish, so that means I have to keep it in check at all times. Those of you that compete know what I mean....

So I'm off, but I'll holla at you peeps a little later!!! Here's to finding your NorthStar......

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post Show Photos

Hi everyone! We are now home from our amazing show! Joshua and I had the BEST time! We are so thankful to everyone who came to the show and supported us and to everyone who rooted for us! THANK YOU! Here are a few pics to hold you all over till I can sit down and give you a proper show recap. Theres so much to tell you all and right now I'm just to wore out to get into it all. XOXO

Well those are just some teasers! More to come!!!

That's what I'm talkin bout!!

5th place in my class!! More details to come!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm still not done....

Today has been a really looonngg day and it's still not over. I still have one more meal to eat in about 30mins, I need to finish packing, take a shower & shave ;-( Not to mention that I have a splitting headache and Joshua's feet are swollen up past his knee caps!!! WTF!! See were supposed to be relaxing tonight and taking it easy but with us that's never easy to do. My mind is racing trying to think of last minute details. My mother in law asked me if I was nervous yet. I told her I've been to dang busy and tired to be nervous (I'm so tired I couldn't even manage to break out the laptop and just blogged from my phone).

What's funny is that I want to be nervous. Somehow that makes it seem more real or something. But then again not being nervous could be a blessing...

Well I'm off to tackle 10 more task before I call it quits. I hope you all are getting your beauty rest ;-)

Here's to finding your NorthStar.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 More Days...

AHHH The days are winding down ya'll! Can you believe it?! Joshua and I were getting all teary eyed thinking about how all this prep is coming to an end. What will we do with ourselves post contest? Oh the possibilities are endless.....

Today I had a little running around town to do, then I started gathering some of the things we will need for the weekend. I also posed for a little bit to. Im feeling pretty good today :-) Even Aunt Flow can't get me down!
Did everyone get their tickets for the gun show this weekend? BAHAHAHA

 I am so excited for Friday to get here! I'm ready to jump in car and head that way!!! The only thing that's not quite ready is this stuff on the top of my head called hair! For some reason I've got mega frizz and static, lol. It's probably  because I haven't taken very good care of it the past few months weeks. Yes I know, no real Southern girl would admit to that but when you live in a gym 2-3 hours a day you start to not care what kind of condition your hair is in. I worry more about when I get my next meal or when I get carbs again or when will I get to see my BLEEPING abs... Those are real concerns, not the hair folks.

Tomorrow will be really busy. I have nails and toes to do. Some last minute shopping with Mr. NorthStar and who knows what else ;-)

Here's to finding your NorthStar....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Have ya'll missed me? Well if you haven't that's ok cause I've missed you guys. Please accept my sincere apology for being MIA for the past few days. I have been so caught up in "prep" that every spare min I think I have to blog all I really want to do is relax and then I get busy doing something other than what I really wanted to do. I guess I need to recap the weekend for guys and the past few days. Lot's have been going on. Let's start with Friday:

Well last week was really tough for me. The lack of carbs was really and I mean really, getting to me. I was in a funk all week. On Friday we were able to sleep in a few extra hour's because Joshua didn't have to go into to work. When we got to the gym I was already exhausted and we hadn't even started. I just felt run down and really starved. I mean I eat 6 meals a day but each meal only consist of a protein and a veggie. After a while your body literally starts begging you for carbs. The only thing that got me though the workout was knowing that when we finished I would be able to have that yummy protein banana shake again. However, before the shake was able to grace my lips, Joshua and I were at each others throat's (really just yelling at each other, lol. I'm dramatic, I know). I'm truly surprised this hasn't happened sooner, lol. I mean we're together 24-7. We love spending every moment that we can with each other, however when we are both depleted of carbs, exhausted, and moody that's like a recipe for disaster. We've kept it together for so long that we just cracked....

Saturdays Dinner: Talapia with White Rice and Salsa
What's funny is 2 mins later we were both fine and not even mad. We know that we have BOTH been very difficult to deal with and we can't take out frustration's on other people or each other because it's not fair. We choose to do this to ourselves. We both have good days and bad days but we always support each other no matter what. Friday was just inevitable...

Saturday was better. First thing that morning with breakfast we got to have oatmeal! Let me tell you, this was treat. Then at lunch we had a baked potato and then for dinner white rice.

 We were both so happy that we could hardly stand it! The influx of carbs was a God send. We really needed it and our bodies responded with a "Thank You"..

Sunday! MMM, Egg Whites, 2 Pancakes with Sugar Free Maple Syrup and Coffee

Egg Whites with Salsa and Waffles

How you like them bags and dark circles under my eyes? Hottie, lol...
Sunday was even better because with breakfast we had PANCAKES!! Joshua made his into waffles instead but then he couldn't eat them all, lol. I took a few snap shots. We were feeling pretty good at this point and were ready to tackle the day! We had an amazing workout. We both felt so strong. That afternoon I cleaned the house, Joshua and Taylor tackled the yard for a few hours, we napped, watched our fav TV programs and then Joshua posed for a few hours.

Before bed that night he wanted to show me what he had been working on and well, he totally shocked me. He looked great and I love his routine. He's going to do awesome at the show!!

Now on to Monday. At 9am we met with our trainer Matt. He wanted to see how we were looking, run thorough posing and give us instructions for "peak week". Joshua wasn't feeling to great and Matt said it was due to coming down from all the carbs we were allowed over the weekend. It's amazing how the body reacts when it doesn't get what it wants. This is where mental focus comes in and you really have to be in control of your body. During the meeting Matt let us know that we were going to do fine, especially seeing as how this is our first show. The rest of this week is mainly eating, drinking lots of water, slowing down on workouts, and resting. He said that by the time Saturday rolls around were going to be totally wiped out. I can see that being the case. At this point, I'm just keeping it together and staying busy so I don't even have to think about how I'm feeling right now.

I'm tired. Plain and simple.

On a fun note (not that all this prep isn't fun ;-)) we made almond butter for the first time! Joshua actually made it last night and it turned out awesome. Better than what you can buy in a store. Let's just say we will never be buying almond butter again!
Our Homemade Almond Butter!!!

I promise to keep you guys posted the rest of the week of what's going on with us since were so close to "D Day"! 5 days.... Can you believe it. I mean it has been 22 weeks of training, dieting, and staying mentally and physically focused. I have definitely pushed myself to my limits and yes it has all been worth it. I can promise you that.....

Well, I'm off to do a few things around the house, clean up the car and few other errands.

Here's to finding your NorthStar......

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Organize Your Recipes.....

and your life while your at it.. Hey, killing two birds with one stone is always better right? Don't worry I've never killed a real bird so I wouldn't know.

I wanted to share a very cool tip for you guys on organizing your recipes. Over the last few weeks I have been scouring the internet and cook books for the most appealing recipes to mankind. Considering that I haven't had "bad food" so to speak for a while now everything looks amazing. And since I really cant make any of it at the moment I wanted to organize all of the recipes I do want to make and share with you guys. So if you have a gmail account (Google email) its a piece of cake! mmm cake.....

Sorry daydreaming of the yummy red velvet cake I'll be making in oh, I don't know, 11 days... ha ha ha ha

So here are the steps:
1) Create a gmail account www.gmail.com

2) At the top of your screen there will a tab called "Documents", click on that

3) Click on "Create New" and choose Document

4) At the top of the new document page you will see a box that says "Untitled Document". Click inside of that box. Another box will appear and that is where you enter your recipe name and click "done".

5) It will then go back to the blank document. You can then start adding your recipe information. What I have been doing is copy and pasting whatever I find online from that particular page, pasting it to my new document and then making any necessary adjustments. Such as a picture size, color, font, so forth.  *When you copy info from another site then go back to the document to paste, you have to use "ctrl v" to paste the info on the Google document, you wont be able to use your mouse to right click. If you forget that step a notification will appear telling you what to do.

6) Once you have all your information on your document check to make sure that it is saved. Google will automatically save the info as you go. Also check out all the preferences and options you have on the document  page. You can set it up however you like. Example: you can make the document private for only you to see or you can share it with family and friends.

Now that it is saved close the tab and go back to the Google Documents home page. From there you can organize your recipes and add tags to make them easier to find later on. Another nice feature is that you can "star" your most favorite recipes and they all go into the same folder for quickly finding them.

Also if you have a droid phone or iphone there is a Google Docs app that you can download. You can then read all your saved documents on the go or add new documents.

I have found Google Documents to be very helpful lately but you have to play around on it to get the hang of it and once you do its very easy to use.

Here is a tour to show you how to use the site if you need help:
Google Docs Tour

Good Luck! and as always here's to finding your NorthStar..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A new obsession....


1. The state of being obsessed with someone or something.
2. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.

We all know how "obsessed" I've become about nutrition and the gym (And my oh so amazing Husband, that's a given)... however, I think I may have ANOTHER new obsession. I don't quite want to give it away just yet because I really need to test the waters with this one. I still need to ponder this obsession, work out the kinks so to speak.

Have you ever had an idea pop up in your head that maybe stemmed from something random you were doing and then that idea just stayed in your head for more than a 24 hour period? What do think that means? Does it mean that that particular idea is part of your dare I say "destiny"? I mean isn't that what finding your NorthStar is all about? Finding out who you are meant to be?

I sort of mentioned my new obsession to the Husband this morning and made it clear that it was all his fault I've been thinking about this one thing for a few weeks now.... with me becoming a healthy homemake,r I have all this time to think and try out all my new ideas.... knowing me, that could be dangerous. I mean I've shocked myself that I am actually going through with this competition. It's like when I get something in my head and I've had ample time to really think about it and I've tested it and the idea is working.... I just run with it.

For instance: Example One
(yes here comes a list)

1) When I worked (like went to a paying job everyday) I would obsess about what I would do "if" I didn't have to work all the time.
- Work out all the time
- Eat really healthy
- Plan meals
- Have a really clean house
- Have a decorated house
- Indulge in some kind of hobby
- Read books for pleasure and not torture (college text books being the torture)

You get the idea. Well when we moved to SC Joshua encouraged me to stay home and so I did. In doing that all those ideas I would think about day in and day out, I slowly started doing. I started to feel like me..... I started to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life. Not what someone was telling me I should want. I still would ask Joshua and my Mom what should I do with myself when the bordem would hit. Both had different answers but it was ultimately my choice.

2) When I started to lose weight and become the much healthier version of myself I knew I needed to push the envelope, hence doing a figure competition and here I am 10 days out from my first show...

See where I'm going with this.....

3) Now my show obsession is coming to end (I am still going to compete, don't worry, but it won't be till next year) and I need something else to sink myself in....

I'm just not one of those people that can sit around and do nothing all the time. I HAVE TO PUT MY THOUGHTS TO ACTIONS! Sorry for yelling but I need to make a point here....

If you want something bad enough and you've given it ample thought then do something about it. Make your idea a reality. That's what I'm doing, and well, it's working for me....

Example Two: 
One of my besties, J Wilder ;-), has to decided to do her first competition as well. She needed a goal to meet her dream bod (she's smoking hot as it is) and yesterday after I'm sure lots of thinking she finally told me her new obsession... You can do Jen. I got your back!

It can work for you to. What's your new obsession?

Here's to finding your NorthStar.....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivational Monday

Good Morning my NorthStar followers ;-) I hope you all had an amazing weekend. It was quite beautiful here in sunny South Carolina. 
View by our house 

I would really love to give you guys some incredibly moving motivation but to honest I just don't have it in me. Lame I know but at this point I'm just trying to keep it together the next 12 days. Maybe this week something will happen that will spark a fire under my butt, however, that's just not the case right now. It's not that I'm sad or mad or anything, I just want the D day to get here. Im ready mentally. I think if I had to go another week I'd die... Well now Im just being dramatic but you know what I mean. 

So instead of motivating you Ill just share some photo's of all the wonderful things I have to look forward to POST contest. These are the things that are keeping Joshua and I going......

Date Night with my Husband
(We have missed this so much) 

May 30th/ Memorial Day BBQ at our house :-) AND 4th of July Party at our house!!! 
Featuring BBQ Sandwiches, Joshua's hamburger/pineapple baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, warm buns, corn on the cobb, cake or maybe pie and Margarita's!! 

Girls beach trip with my Momma and Sister!

August/ Salsa Party at our casa :-)
September/ Our Honeymoon & Anniversary Cruise to Caribbean and a few nights in San Juan, PR

Oh and the mother of all desserts......wait for it....

So those are things I am thinking of at the moment. Those are my rewards so to speak for the last 5 months of hard ass work..... What are you guys looking forward to post contest, post dieting or just Summer in general?

Here's to finding your NorthStar.....