Saturday, March 24, 2012

7 Weeks Out

Today Im 7 Weeks out! I feel pretty good about where I am can't wait for these weeks to be OVER lol. This contest prep has been a long one. I still have more work to be done, pounds to be lost but overall I feel good about how Im looking. Today my weight was 139. Im having such a hard time getting it to move down. Kind of frustrating. However my body continues to change and more and more definition starts showing. Like veins in my abs and calves lol. 

Also here is my new suit! Look at how bling it is! I ordered it from Saleyla. I have had the best experience with her. From the suit choices (there are so many styles to pick from), the prices (some of the best I have found), shipping (I received my suit 7 days after I ordered it), the fit (as soon as I tried it on it fit like a glove!), and the customer service (I wrote on her Facebook Page about how much I loved my suit and she thanked me for my order). I plan on continuing to get my suit from Saleyla! 

 We went up stairs for better lighting but you still cant see all the definition...... 

 Have a fit Saturday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cookies and Cream

Happy Friday! So yesterday was very busy for me. I had apts from 9am till 7:30pm. Whew...Thank goodness I got my errands done on Wednesday! One of the errands on the list: Pick up protein powder. Right now Im still getting 2 protein shakes a day but as it gets closer Im sure those will be phased out. But for now Im enjoying them. We usually use Twinlab Lean Muscle in Vanilla, but last month Complete Nutrition had their Grand Opening here in town so we checked it out. The sale was buy one get one, we bought the Pro Complete Titian and have been really enjoying it. It has flax in it so that makes it very filling, which I like because I get so hungry between meal. However, the only draw back is the price. It's one of the more expensive proteins that we have tried. Wednesday, while perusing the protein offerings at our local Vitamin Shoppe I talked Joshua into getting Syntrax Matrix Cookies and Cream. It has the same nutritional value of our Titan and the Twinlab so no issues there. When we got home we just had to dig in and try it. I used it in place of my last meal. Luckily for me I hadn't had a protein shake all day so this was a definite treat.
Joshua made his first and as soon I heard MMMM and then "Baby! Your gonna love this stuff" I knew it was going to be GOOD! And it was. It had these little bits of what are supposed to be cookie pieces but I don't think they are. Very yum. I also added 3 egg whites to it because that makes it creamy like a milkshake. I know raw eggs right? But don't knock it till you try it. I always thought it would be slimy but it's not at all!

After the Cookies and Cream shake I decided it was time for me to try to make a batch of the famous Kale Chips that everyone raves about. Yea just not my thing... They just tasted like burnt veggies.. I don't know. Maybe I didn't do it right. We have another whole bag of them so Ill practice over the weekend.

Tomorrow morning marks 7 weeks out so you know what that means..... Progress pics! In my new SUIT! Exciting stuff ;-)

See yall in the AM!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesdays Workout

So yesterday was so beautiful. And word on the street is that is was the first day of Spring!!! Im loving it. Yes because of all the pretty flowers but mostly because as the weather warms so does our bodies and you know what means? FAT STARTS MELTING OFF!!!  Well not if your eating moose tracks in the ac while watching Days of our lives. Is that even still on?

Instead of doing my normal cardio on the StairMonster and catching up on the 130 blog post ive missed I headed home from the gym, took Mister AJ for a walk, and then jogged outside. It was so nice out but h.o.t.t...

This sign made me think of a new workout!

After AJ was all taken care of I ran around the neighborhood for 30 mins. My shins were killing me or I could have done more. I'm just not a runner. So instead of quitting.. I did something crazy....

YUP. I ran sprints for 10 mins up and down my neighbors driveway. KILLER. I bet you I burned more calories doing that than I did during my whole jog. 

Moral of the story: 
Take advantage of what you have in front of you and don't do what's easy. Do whats HARD.

Have a fit Wednesday! 

Kettle Bell Workout

Who am I this morning... Very on top of my blog game. Ive been wanting to share this workout with you guys for quite some time. Man is it a doosie!! If you decide to try it out make sure to pace yourself. Dont go passing out on me or nothing. I mean it is 80 degrees in March and all.. Geezzz...

Here is the link FitSugar Kettle Bell Workout

Have a fit Tuesday!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Wow.. I have been completely neglecting you guys for the past few weeks... My time management skills or rather blog management skills are something to be desired, lol. While I had a quick min I thought I would update you guys on contest prep and life in general. Ill keep it short and as sweet as possible.

Saturday marked 8 weeks out from the Palmetto Cup and 9 from Jr. USA. My body is just responding so well to my diet and training that I really havent been killing myself like last year. I did start 23 weeks out and boy am I glad I did because the slower you can take it the better off you are. I haven't had to be a cardio bunny either. Really I would say the past two weeks I've stepped it up from 30-45 mins every few days to 45-60 mins almost everyday. I just have a little bit of body fat that im holding around my belly button, thighs and on my back but other than that I'm solid! I never would have thought I would be this pleased with my progress so far out from my show. Alot can happen in 8 weeks my friends.  We have the BEST coach and I'm blessed to have the most supportive husband. Those two have truly made life alot easier for me. Granted im doing the work but they push me 110%.

I failed to take pictures on Saturday. I dont know what I was thinking.... Oh I know, that I would do it Sunday and then didnt, lol. Sa la vie.

This Saturday for sure though. Oh and I got my brand new blinging suit to show off as well. Ill tell you guys all about it on Saturday, where I got it from and all. Your gonna LOVE IT!!!

Well im off to do meal plans and workouts for some clients!!! And if you have emailed me recently I promise im working on yours as well ;-)

Have a fit Monday!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivational Monday

Good Morning! I hope you all slept well last night. Beauty sleep is just as important as eating clean and working out ya know. SO last week was a crazy busy for me. Starting a new job and trying to juggle all my other responsibilities turned out to be big challenge. In fact so big that I let some things fall by the way side. For instance my cardio schedule. Right now I am to do 45mins to 60mins each day and I've been doing this consistently for the past few weeks until recently. For some stupid reason I didn't think it was that important so I didn't do it for about 4 days. What does that mean? The scale barley budged. I know I know it's not all about the scale but what it is about is results. A contest prep is all about seeing significant results week after week, then day after day. By skipping cardio I slow the results down. That's definitely NOT the goal here. So how did I get myself back on track? I listened to my coach, focused, and got my ass back on that StairMonster..... 

If you found yourself in same predicament as myself, don't worry. This is a brand spankin' new week. FOCUS. Remember what your overall goal is and PUSH yourself out of that comfort zone. Make a promise to yourself that this week will not be a repeat of last week!

Have a fit day!!!!