Sunday, May 13, 2012

Palmetto Cup 2012

 Hi Ya'll! We are back from a great time in Columbia where I competed in the Palmetto Cup. It was the same show that I competed in last year as my first show. This year my only goal was to do better than last year and I certainly did that. Of course I hoped to win my class but that just wasn't in the cards for me. I placed 4th among 8 other amazing women. Each one of us brought a different package to the stage I was pleased with my placing. I have a lot to work on this week going into my next competition in Charleston at the Jr. USA's however I have a game plan and some serious motivation to help push me into achieving that leaner look that I need to place higher.

Me and my Love Bug heading to finals ;-)
              My Cheering Squad!
Sweet Paige and I (my coaches Fiance) before finals.
 My new friend Laurie! She reads my blog and we instantly became friends! She is such a sweetie and this was her first competition. She did all the hard work on her own with her husband. How awesome is that!

 4th Place ;-)

Definitely some improvement from last year! However this week I'll be really focusing on dialing in on my diet and adding some serious cardio in. Competing is such a humbling experience. Just when you think you look your best you, you stand on stage next to other women who also bringing their best package and you soon realize there's more work to be done. This sport always keeps me on my toes and shows me what hard work and dedication really means. Congratulations to all the winners this weekend no matter where you competed! I plan on keeping you all posted this week on my progress and changes ;-)

Sleep tight!