Monday, March 19, 2012


Wow.. I have been completely neglecting you guys for the past few weeks... My time management skills or rather blog management skills are something to be desired, lol. While I had a quick min I thought I would update you guys on contest prep and life in general. Ill keep it short and as sweet as possible.

Saturday marked 8 weeks out from the Palmetto Cup and 9 from Jr. USA. My body is just responding so well to my diet and training that I really havent been killing myself like last year. I did start 23 weeks out and boy am I glad I did because the slower you can take it the better off you are. I haven't had to be a cardio bunny either. Really I would say the past two weeks I've stepped it up from 30-45 mins every few days to 45-60 mins almost everyday. I just have a little bit of body fat that im holding around my belly button, thighs and on my back but other than that I'm solid! I never would have thought I would be this pleased with my progress so far out from my show. Alot can happen in 8 weeks my friends.  We have the BEST coach and I'm blessed to have the most supportive husband. Those two have truly made life alot easier for me. Granted im doing the work but they push me 110%.

I failed to take pictures on Saturday. I dont know what I was thinking.... Oh I know, that I would do it Sunday and then didnt, lol. Sa la vie.

This Saturday for sure though. Oh and I got my brand new blinging suit to show off as well. Ill tell you guys all about it on Saturday, where I got it from and all. Your gonna LOVE IT!!!

Well im off to do meal plans and workouts for some clients!!! And if you have emailed me recently I promise im working on yours as well ;-)

Have a fit Monday!!


  1. Congrats!!! I am happy that you are on track and feeling positive!

  2. Thanks for the update! I've been thinking about you and your prep. Glad to hear it is going so well!