Saturday, March 24, 2012

7 Weeks Out

Today Im 7 Weeks out! I feel pretty good about where I am can't wait for these weeks to be OVER lol. This contest prep has been a long one. I still have more work to be done, pounds to be lost but overall I feel good about how Im looking. Today my weight was 139. Im having such a hard time getting it to move down. Kind of frustrating. However my body continues to change and more and more definition starts showing. Like veins in my abs and calves lol. 

Also here is my new suit! Look at how bling it is! I ordered it from Saleyla. I have had the best experience with her. From the suit choices (there are so many styles to pick from), the prices (some of the best I have found), shipping (I received my suit 7 days after I ordered it), the fit (as soon as I tried it on it fit like a glove!), and the customer service (I wrote on her Facebook Page about how much I loved my suit and she thanked me for my order). I plan on continuing to get my suit from Saleyla! 

 We went up stairs for better lighting but you still cant see all the definition...... 

 Have a fit Saturday!


  1. You look fantastic! I am so excited for you. Love that suit!

  2. just happend to stumble across your blog!
    LOVE the new suit!
    and your waist looks so tiny!
    7 weeks will be here before you know it and you will be more than ready!
    keep up your hard work!