Monday, April 16, 2012

The Melt Down

Howdy folks! I bet ya'll have been wondering where I have been the past month, lol. Well I'm deeep in contest prep and work! I'm less than 4 weeks away from the Palmetto Cup and getting more and more excited by the day. Saturday we saw the boss man and he gave me the green light. He told me to just keeping pushing and as the weeks go on I'll just keep getting tighter. I loved hearing that. The only thing he did change is that I must do cardio everyday at this point. I have been real slack about getting it in but now I need to push myself just a little harder. Speaking of pushing hard. Sunday was our shoulder day which is probably my favorite day however we were about half way through our workout and it started to happen. The dreaded breakdown. If you have ever competed or trained for some kind of event you know what I mean. I could just feel the tears starting to overwhelm me while doing super sets..... I kept pushing but man did I want to just let it flow. It seems like this might have happened to me around this time last year during prep. All the weeks of dieting and training just sort of catch up to you and the thought of adding more work in, i.e. cardio, just pushes you over the edge.

It happens. You just gotta dust your shoulders off and keep pushing. 4 weeks ain't nothing compared to 23 weeks! Joshua was feeling my pain so after our workout he took me to Lowe's so I could get some flowers and dirt. We have two huge clay pots that I try to fill up every year. This year they turned out pretty well.

I also planted some other flowers that I had seeds for and some veggies. We shall see what happens with these bad boys. I'm just trying to get them to start growing at this point then Ill transfer them somewhere else.

This is my first time planting anything from seed so I'm praying I have a green thumb somewhere!!

Have a GREAT Monday Friends!


  1. Let the tears flow, Friend. You are doing so awesome! I'll never forget my meltdown workout with my trainer....I cried off and on for the entire hour! It's such an uncontrollable feeling! ha! Like you said, 4 weeks is nothing. You got this!

  2. oh,i a agree with Stacey!(karatenurse)
    my meltdown happened 2 weeks from my last show-i was overtrained,underfed(and pregnant!!) and i had just fallen on my face from doing pushups until true muscle failure.after lying on the gym floor for a minute (or 4) i scraped myself up,went to the restroom and about lost it because the bathroom smelled like cupcakes!!!!
    i can laugh about it now,but girl,i can totally relate!
    26 days will be here before you know it! you are doing awesome,so hold tight,keep pushing and just keep on riding this crazy train!!!
    YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!

  3. I so admire your discipline ane strenght,keep it up.You are doing so awesome.

  4. I've ben there!!! It happens!! I've had to leave and take a break and go cry in the bathroom once!!! But you're strong and you are going to keep going!! Push hard!! 4 weeks out for you, 5 weeks out for me!!! :) get it girl!!!