Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pity Party

This pretty much sums up how I've been feeling all week. Yes that means Im burning fat and the scale will be moving but do you think that takes away the fact that my stomach is BURNING with hunger pains?

Ok so Im being a little dramatic but if you've competed before or even attempted to compete you know my pain.... the pain in my stomach.

sad face, sad face, sad face....

5 more weeks friends.....


  1. Forgive me for loving that picture! I know your hunger pains. Hang in there because I think the next 5 weeks should fly for you! I remember when you told us about the decision to do this competition way last year and here you are kiddo! 5 weeks away. You can do it Tiger! Go gut it!!!

    1. Darn iPhone! I meant GIT IT!!!!

  2. oh!!!i totally know how ya feel!!!!! usually its the last 2 weeks that are the hardest for me-especially when my kids are eating yummy looking snacks i cant have!!!!
    but 5 weeks WILL fly by faster than what you know!
    just hang in there and hold tight!
    you can do this!!!!!!!!