Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivational Monday

Listen to your body.

Saturday I posted progress pictures. Although, I didn't see to much progress from the last pics.... Uh.

Am I a little tighter? Yeah.
Are my shoulders coming in better than last year? Yeah.
Did the scale go down? one pound....
Is that discouraging? Yes and no.

When I first started my prep the scale was moving just like I wanted but then it slowed down & I got greedy for the numbers so I pushed my low carb days a little to far which in turn made my workouts suffer. In my progress pics I look so flat. I had just woke up (5am), no food and I was depleted. No wonder I was displeased with how I looked.
However, I still sent the pics, updated the coach on what I did and waited for the response.... And like always, he was positive and said we can fix this! His initial response was "look tighter which is good but what's your weight?" I hate only saying a pound. I wanna say 5 lbs or whatever but that just wasn't the case. His advise was let this is just be fuel for my fire. I need to learn to listen to my body. Know when to push and when to refuel. Don't let one bad set of pictures tear you down. Find out what you did wrong, correct the behavior and get busy making the necessary modifications.
Remember that getting that ideal body of your dreams is a marathon not a race so pace yourself!!!
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Have a fit day!


  1. It's so true what your coach says and you are looking great! Keep it up!

  2. Oh I can so relate to this. first, I can see some big differences in just two weeks! Second, I was just getting on myself because my weight is refusing to budge. At all. Since like November. Seriously, it's really starting to get me down. Especially with training for a marathon, you'd think I'd, I don't know, lose a pound? Nope. BUT, I started measuring a few weeks ago and my inches are dropping. So I know I'm doing something right. Forget that scale. I know you have to use it right now, but just like you said, listen to your body! I think You look fantastic to have 14 weeks to go! You've put on a ton of muscle!! Keep it up girl, stay strong!