Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest of the Week

I love Pinterest... I think it's like the MOST genius website ever. I could spend hours a day looking at food I can't eat, decor I can't afford, DIY ideas that I'll probably never do... It's a perfect time waster in between workouts, meal prep, avoiding moping my disgusting floors or any chore I decide is not worth my precious time,  etc. So in honor of my love for Pinterest each Thursday I'm going to post my "Pin" of the week. If you want you could follow me on Pinterest and we could day dream together? Just sayin'...

Today's pin is inspired by my friends and family who have all told me this week they just can't give up the pasta. So this is for all you carb lovin', can't give up my pasta or I might mess around and lose weight people.... ;-)

Skinny Spagetti via Pinterest by Delighted Momma

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