Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Eatin' Friday! Iced Protein Coffee Shake

TGIF!!!! Today has been pretty standard for us. Joshua worked till 2 then we went on our weekly date to Sam's club for the grocery essentials. When your on contest prep that's about as exciting as dates get, lol. Now we're catching up on an Idiot Abroad and I'm trying to pump myself up for cardio. Booooo. GOTTA do what I gotta do!!!

Before I head out I wanted to leave you guys with a Good Eatin Friday recipe. There's been a lot of talk of coffee this week around the blogs I follow and I felt like adding my own twist on the much loved beverage.

Iced Protein Coffee Shake

1 scoop of whey protein mixed with enough cold water so that it is creamy. Then mix 8 oz or so of cold, already brewed coffee. Add sweetener of your choice, splash of vanilla and add ice.

Soooo GOOD!!! And good for you ;-) Have a fit night!

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